Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You call this Natural history?

*PHEW* So I just finished my run of 3 Museums in 3 Days including: The Getty Villa, The Norton Simon, and the Natural History Museum! Heres my favortie sketches from the second two days the first one is from the Norton Simon and the rest are from the Natural History Museum of LA...


For all I'd heard about the Sculpture garden at the Norton Simon I was rather dissapointed when I got there.... maybe it was cause I was looking at Greek and Roman statues the day before though... :) I still managed to get a good page of what they had drawn though... The rest of the museum blew my mind though... I think I'm going to go back next time I'm in town! Mr. Simon had a GREAT collection of art work!


It's really not as big as I remember it as a kid...


It was kind of like the science building at SJSU... only tenfold...
Lots of dead animals... This is definately not a place I'd wanna be when the Zombie outbreak occurs!


I did get some more time to really think about the subject matter of my upcoming Tidepool project though!


I REALLY like the T-Rex but I everything went to hell by the time I got to the Triceratops... I think I'm gonna photoshop him out ;P

My mind is blown by everything I saw in these past few days though... I think I learned more in each of these museums than weeks at a time in High School!

Well... thats about it for now... back to studying anatomy!


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