Monday, January 31, 2011

More Digi Sketches...

Last weeks digi-sketches from Peoples Cafe in Berkeley and Cafe Trieste in San Jose...

I gotta get a lot faster, these take me a while

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Whole New (DIGITAL) World!

So after realizing I really need to get way better at drawing on the computer with a tablet, I've set my focus on working on that this winter and as a result I must confess my new favorite drawing activity is going to different cafes and drawing the strange creatures that dwell there! Here's some favorites...

Cafe's drawn at include:
(San Jose)
Borders Cafe (Santana Row)
Cafe Triste
People's Cafe
The New Amsterdam Cafe
Berkeley Expresso
Sonoma Cafe

Any friends/local artist interested in joining me? Hit me up! Let's go!

as a special challenge for the last day of the figure drawing marathon (mentioned last post) I decided to try my hand at doing the figure drawings on a tablet! Results below:

Not the best figures ever, but for a first time every trying this I'm intrigued and gonna keep at it!

All drawings in this post were drawn in Photoshop with a tiny 4x6 highly outdated tablet ;)

Bigger Figure Post!!

So through my program in my school I just participated in a week long figure drawing marathon with at least 4 hours of figure drawing every day for a week!

So many pics I uploaded them somewhere else!

Please follow the link to: The Images!

A lot of them aren't amazing but I like something about each of these!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Breath

Sorry It's been a while I'm currently internet-less (for a little longer) and though I'm enjoying the drawing and thinking time it makes it hard to do pretty much everything else... especially blogging!

These are the final designs from my Vis Dev Final last semester it's a Vegan Soul Food Truck

While I really struggled all semester I am quite happy with how far I've come drawing and (digital) painting wise

I was less happy with the final paints of the characters, these last couple are the sketches I liked a lot more.