Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"There's nothing worse than a bad photoshop painting"

...ain't that the truth?

So yeah still alive, paddling in the water which is definitely above sea level right now... in addition to the crazy learning curve of learning to figure paint in oils, I also (and more importantly) am suddenly trying to learn how to paint in photoshop... something that when you first start out at you really just gotta laugh and try not to get frustrated.... grab a beer and keep trudging through!

SO here you go... just as a point of reference last week I'd never done this before and here was my first attempts...

AND NOW... this weeks paintings look MUCH better! :D Check it out:

Isn't that awesome? That's one hell of an improvement in a week's span... I'm stoked! It only goes up from here! The Percolator was definitely a "light bulb" moment and I spent probably close to 6 hours on it and the others are about 2 and a half each, and now I'm excited to keep it up and get really good at it!

And here's an oil painting I had to do for homework last week...

And this is a 3-session pose we just finished today, I wish I took photos at least at the end of each session cause I kinda was all over the map with this one, but I kept forgetting my camera so... *shrugs* you just have to believe me that for a good 3 hours this guy was painted up hod rod red and bright yellow like a naked Iron man haha

That's all for now, keep up the hard work kids!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy Semester!

Yup I'm back, this semester is proving to be one of the most difficult I've ever had with quite a few very high learning curves! But I'm hitting it head on and trying to do my best to stay afloat so here I am and here's what I've done recently... enjoy and wish me luck!

First up I'm (almost unexpectedly) taking a figure painting class and man... I'm loving it!

Here's the first figure painting I've ever done!!

Second session on the same painting as above

This is an underpainting that I did, and happen to really like...

And yesterdays painting... (I might actually pick this one up and finish it)

First day of class sketches

A sketch from my adventure in SF with my special girlie

Sketches from a telephone sketching assignment...

And what semester start would be complete with without funny sketches of your teachers?

And I'll leave you with some storyboards I did last week for class that when showed in class got quite a laugh so I think I might clean up and re-draw for the future so here you go this here's the rough boards for your viewing enjoyment...
Part 1:

gif animator
Gif animator


gif animator
Gif animator