Friday, September 17, 2010

Crazy Semester!

Yup I'm back, this semester is proving to be one of the most difficult I've ever had with quite a few very high learning curves! But I'm hitting it head on and trying to do my best to stay afloat so here I am and here's what I've done recently... enjoy and wish me luck!

First up I'm (almost unexpectedly) taking a figure painting class and man... I'm loving it!

Here's the first figure painting I've ever done!!

Second session on the same painting as above

This is an underpainting that I did, and happen to really like...

And yesterdays painting... (I might actually pick this one up and finish it)

First day of class sketches

A sketch from my adventure in SF with my special girlie

Sketches from a telephone sketching assignment...

And what semester start would be complete with without funny sketches of your teachers?

And I'll leave you with some storyboards I did last week for class that when showed in class got quite a laugh so I think I might clean up and re-draw for the future so here you go this here's the rough boards for your viewing enjoyment...
Part 1:

gif animator
Gif animator


gif animator
Gif animator

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