Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Figure Post!

Been a while Since I've posted some figures... (mainly cause this semester was an all time low for figure drawing which is lame sauce to the max!) But yeah Here you go here's a bunch from the semester (yikes gotta step it up!)

and this is the final in-class painting from my figure painting class this semester... this is the biggest painting I've ever done!! It's got a lot of problems but I kinda dig it...

and last but not least the final for the above mentioned figure painting class, about one more session and I think it will be complete! If you can't tell its a "portrait of the artist" ;)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost done!

Semester's almost over! One week left! I'm stoked and feeling pretty good about it, just gotta push through and finish strong! Can't promise how much I'm gonna be active over the break though cause I gotta apply for internships and I got a few projects I'm gonna rock on the side too so hopefully I'll have more to show soon!

This is one of the few things from my Vis Dev class this semester I'm actually happy with, it's a design for the witch from the Hansel & Gretel story.


Not great but at least I'm sketching a lot more... about to start a new sketchbook and I got high hopes for this one!

Here's the final painting in my figure painting class (in progress) it's a very merry self portrait... tune in next time to see this bad boy complete-ish!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where did that month go?

Couple sketches:

I saw Michael Moore speak (for free!) that was pretty kool :)

Couple paintings:

first session on a figure from last month...

and the final version (still wet)

These are some very experimental studies I did for my current painting...

and this is the current painting so far, I just started and have a couple more sessions left so I'm excited to see where this goes... (also I really need a new camera... the colors are horrible, and you cant even see the purple!)

Been getting some figure drawings in too (yay!) so I promise to post some of those next time!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Short Film - "Back Door"

Here's the first (live action) short film I've ever made...

"Back Door"


We filmed it over the weekend!
This was a lot of fun, and I want to do do more in the future :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"There's nothing worse than a bad photoshop painting"

...ain't that the truth?

So yeah still alive, paddling in the water which is definitely above sea level right now... in addition to the crazy learning curve of learning to figure paint in oils, I also (and more importantly) am suddenly trying to learn how to paint in photoshop... something that when you first start out at you really just gotta laugh and try not to get frustrated.... grab a beer and keep trudging through!

SO here you go... just as a point of reference last week I'd never done this before and here was my first attempts...

AND NOW... this weeks paintings look MUCH better! :D Check it out:

Isn't that awesome? That's one hell of an improvement in a week's span... I'm stoked! It only goes up from here! The Percolator was definitely a "light bulb" moment and I spent probably close to 6 hours on it and the others are about 2 and a half each, and now I'm excited to keep it up and get really good at it!

And here's an oil painting I had to do for homework last week...

And this is a 3-session pose we just finished today, I wish I took photos at least at the end of each session cause I kinda was all over the map with this one, but I kept forgetting my camera so... *shrugs* you just have to believe me that for a good 3 hours this guy was painted up hod rod red and bright yellow like a naked Iron man haha

That's all for now, keep up the hard work kids!