Saturday, January 31, 2009

A shell of what we had when we first started...

So I finally have all my classes nailed down first week is over and I gotta say it's gonna be a hell of a semester... never have I gone through have a sketchbook in a week. Here's some hilights from the first week of school... (mostly figure drawing!)


Let's start with some head drawings eh?


Can you name this actress? (are you into old movies? haha)


This ones prolly too stylized... but I still like it


meh. gonna do a lot more this week....


Hopefully I can get photoshop fixed on my comp this week and I won't have to upload gestures like this





I wanna work on this one some more



THIS is my favorite


This one is a study from a photo that I liked


Here's a drapery I did for Sheldon's class this week... the damn thing took me 5 hours and in the end I'm not happy with it :( but I can still count the amount of drapery studies I've done on one hand so I guess it's not that bad... I'm going to try and do a couple more this week hopefully I can find time...

See ya later!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My art offends people.

Here's the last batch of figure drawings from bootcamp....


still "too cartoony" :/




I really have to work on my drapery more...


lol and some of you didn't get to see this one from the last blog before it got taken down... apparently this was the one image that broke photobucket's user agreement? right...


Friday, January 16, 2009


More "never see the light of day" sketches from boot camp today.... sheldon didn't like any of these I think, and I'm not satisfied by far, but I do like things about some of these...





after many failed attempts (in sheldons eyes), cause they're "too cartoony" I decided to work on faces and heres some practice...




This is the infamously hard to draw Dayton, I sketched him in about ten minutes at the end of the night just to get a failing attempt at drawing a face from real life... it gets old drawing from pictures too much... and the result is that it's "kinda, sorta"


I'm really jazzed and excited right now but very physically tired... fun stuff... KEEP DRAWING KIDS!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brooks & Dunn

I gotta say, I'm digging boot camp...








(sorry about them being photos again, but you get the idea...)

Now, none of these are porfolio pieces and each have their problems that bother me, but they're getting better at a radical pace, sweetness. Just thought I'd post some of the ones I like that otherwise probably wouldn't ever see the light of day... LATER!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You call this Natural history?

*PHEW* So I just finished my run of 3 Museums in 3 Days including: The Getty Villa, The Norton Simon, and the Natural History Museum! Heres my favortie sketches from the second two days the first one is from the Norton Simon and the rest are from the Natural History Museum of LA...


For all I'd heard about the Sculpture garden at the Norton Simon I was rather dissapointed when I got there.... maybe it was cause I was looking at Greek and Roman statues the day before though... :) I still managed to get a good page of what they had drawn though... The rest of the museum blew my mind though... I think I'm going to go back next time I'm in town! Mr. Simon had a GREAT collection of art work!


It's really not as big as I remember it as a kid...


It was kind of like the science building at SJSU... only tenfold...
Lots of dead animals... This is definately not a place I'd wanna be when the Zombie outbreak occurs!


I did get some more time to really think about the subject matter of my upcoming Tidepool project though!


I REALLY like the T-Rex but I everything went to hell by the time I got to the Triceratops... I think I'm gonna photoshop him out ;P

My mind is blown by everything I saw in these past few days though... I think I learned more in each of these museums than weeks at a time in High School!

Well... thats about it for now... back to studying anatomy!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great Blue Zeus!

Today I went to the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu! Located at the original location of the Getty museum, the Villa displays the Getty's Collection of Greek and Roman art work. The whole place is beautiful and build as a replica of an ancient Roman Villa. I had such a good time I lost track of time and spent over 6 hours at the place! I'm convinced that museums are the equivalent of amusement parks for adults! haha


Yesterday when I was drawing the statues at my brother's school I was thinking how I really needed to practice drapery more, fortunately... It's not necessary when drawing from Greek & Roman Sculpture!


I had trouble making the faces look as they we're suposed to but I have the same problem when drawing people from life, so I guess this is something I need to work on.


I love to draw from statues so this place was sooo much fun to draw in!

One museum down... two more to go! See you tomorrow!

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Fear

Working on studying/learning anatomy has been my main focus for this entire winter break like probably 3 hours a day on average, so today I just felt like getting out and I went to my brother's High School, JSerra (it's a Private Catholic School) to draw some statues!

Unfortunately by the time I got out there it was pitch black but I think the drawings turned out decent considering I could hardly see what I was putting down.



I definately want to draw these again during the daytime, when I can see what I'm doing... unfortunately I may have to wait till this summer...

Im going to 3 different museums in the next 3 days so hopefully I'll have some more drawings to post in the coming days... see you then!