Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too high to find my way, too low to wonder why...

So for the past while I've had a whole slew of reasons why I couldn't update my blog with some of the sketchbook work I've done recently... starting with no access to a scanner then having no internet for a while and lately the issue has been no time to actually make a post but... Now all three of those things are fixed and as I have found some extra time tonight y'all get a big post of a bunch of sketchbook work I've been meaning to post for a while! Yay!

First off we got a masterstudy originally by Toulouse Lautrec

This was inspired by a friend going through what seemed to be a rough breakup and during this time she posted some kool pictures (and quotes) on her facebook, I'm not to happy with the way it turned out but a couple of my friends really liked it, so here it is

Got totally inspired and fired up at Comic-con!

First time I've ever got a seat close enough to draw one of the planes out the window

Something about being stuck on long plane rides... I usually like some of the skeches that come from it!

Sketching @ the National Gallery of Art in D.C. <3

I like this one a lot!!

Reading is...

First sketch in the NEW Sketchbook!

Just some quick sketches from a club rush type deal on campus

"My Crotch"

Some 'Physical' sketches done in Physics class...

And some familiar (and not so familiar) faces from around the art building

Well that about does it for now, hopefully I'll find some more time to get some good sketches in and post them in the next month! Until then: keep kool kids!