Monday, November 30, 2009

So Spoke Misery...

Long time no update! Thought I'd post a couple sketchbook pages from the thanksgiving break. These are really the first sketches I've actually been pleased with in quite sometime...

Black Friday's getting earlier all the time!

And a sketch done at my girlfriend's tea shop

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Too high to find my way, too low to wonder why...

So for the past while I've had a whole slew of reasons why I couldn't update my blog with some of the sketchbook work I've done recently... starting with no access to a scanner then having no internet for a while and lately the issue has been no time to actually make a post but... Now all three of those things are fixed and as I have found some extra time tonight y'all get a big post of a bunch of sketchbook work I've been meaning to post for a while! Yay!

First off we got a masterstudy originally by Toulouse Lautrec

This was inspired by a friend going through what seemed to be a rough breakup and during this time she posted some kool pictures (and quotes) on her facebook, I'm not to happy with the way it turned out but a couple of my friends really liked it, so here it is

Got totally inspired and fired up at Comic-con!

First time I've ever got a seat close enough to draw one of the planes out the window

Something about being stuck on long plane rides... I usually like some of the skeches that come from it!

Sketching @ the National Gallery of Art in D.C. <3

I like this one a lot!!

Reading is...

First sketch in the NEW Sketchbook!

Just some quick sketches from a club rush type deal on campus

"My Crotch"

Some 'Physical' sketches done in Physics class...

And some familiar (and not so familiar) faces from around the art building

Well that about does it for now, hopefully I'll find some more time to get some good sketches in and post them in the next month! Until then: keep kool kids!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cause I'm on the Up and Up!

Much more time has passed than I would have liked since the last post and for that I apologize. But I'm back living at home in Southern California for the summer and my parents bought a new Scanner but didn't have it set up, so after wrestling with it all evening I finally got it set up and working :D


Here's some gestures I did of all the strange people walking around at Fanime in San Jose!

I wanted to draw this skull I have all semester but I was so busy that I never had the chance so... this was kind of a sign that summer was here at last!

This one's just a quick 1hr mastercopy from Caravaggio

Some more graveyard drawings... but the graveyards in the OC kinda suck :\

This one's just a little sketch I like a lot that I'll probablly do something more with in the future...

This one was a lot of fun!

Based on a sketch by DaVinci

and last but not least a sketch I liked from drawing @ the Coffee shop today :D

That about does it for now... from now on I'll post sketches more regularly now that I have an operational scanner within reach... I'm also working on two different illustration commissions so I'll probablly post some progress on those when I get around to it also!

YAY! That was fun lol

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just wanna see the Light...

So... sorry it's been a while but I'm sure most of you know how hectic things can get wiht finals and all... but I'm happy to report after tonight I'm done with everything!!! Summertime here I come!! (as for where I'll be or what I'll be doing this summer that's all up in the air still...) One things for sure though... there will be more of this:

THAT'S RIGHT!! I just started my summer sketchbook!! The best sketchbook I've ever made (of course) and It's the one thing I'm really gonna focus on this summer so expect more kool pages in the coming weeks from this little book of fun!

First one was one late night when working on my final illustrations and I was watching Interview with a Vampire and totally got inspired by my favorite scene when Lestat dies (the first time) and just had to put pen to paper...

The second one was last Sunday feeling the freedom of finishing my illustrations and having spent the whole day Job hunting I decided to do something I'v been meaning to do all semester and that is... DRAW IN THE GRAVEYARD!!! It was totally fun and San Jose has one of the biggest graveyards I've ever seen... I beauitiful day in the cemetary!!

ANYWAYS BEST OF LUCK TO ANYONE FINISHING UP ON FINALS!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Have fun guys, Summer's just around the bend!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

This air is so PLAIN!

Been a really crazy couple of weeks, but hopefully things are slowing down...

This is the results of some plein air action of some hills yesterday afternoon over at Rancho San Antonio... this is the first plein air that I'm actually decently pleased with... Gonna go again this week sometime and next weekend too... It's kinda funny how to take a break from painting inside I go outside to paint haha Hopefully I'll have some more to show soon

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Start spreading the news...

Spring Break is over and I'm back in San Jose (probablly untill summer) Everytime I'm on a plane now I can't help but think of this song by Bright Eyes called "The Bottom of Everything" if you've never heard it you should totally check out the music video... haha

I got the best view of the wing out the window on the ride back... I've never got that seat before! So naturally a sketch was abound!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I broke your heart very literally

The best thing about spring break is time just to draw on your own and take some time to rediscover what inspires you...


Everyonce and a while I like to do a page in my sketchbook that looks completely insane.... they're often the most fun to do... and I like to scare the crap out of whoever is looking through my sketchbook and make them have second thoughts about the artist's sanity... this is an example of one of these such pages....

Based on a picture of one of my friends who is an alt model and bonus points if anyone could name the song with out looking up the lyrics!

Hope everyone is having a happy (and safe) spring break! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is not a Test

Man... It's been a bit longer than I wanted since the last time I posted up here... but what can I say school work has been crazy... Anyway Here's some of my latest Gestures... Some of these excite me so much! you have no idea!! (still no PS SORRY)

3-4-2009 4;29;44 PM

3-4-2009 4;11;24 PM

3-4-2009 4;03;01 PM

3-4-2009 4;07;09 PM

3-4-2009 2;29;14 PM

3-4-2009 4;20;31 PM

3-4-2009 4;12;37 PM

3-2-2009 5;44;43 PM






Sorry, kind of a lot, I know...

3-4-2009 4;33;55 PM

3-4-2009 2;34;01 PM

3-4-2009 2;36;50 PM

3-4-2009 4;32;28 PM


3-4-2009 4;01;54 PM






I still need a lot of work on my Long poses...

2-18-2009 4;05;41 PM


And there's some of the drapery I liked from the past month!

Hope you all are doing well!