Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just wanna see the Light...

So... sorry it's been a while but I'm sure most of you know how hectic things can get wiht finals and all... but I'm happy to report after tonight I'm done with everything!!! Summertime here I come!! (as for where I'll be or what I'll be doing this summer that's all up in the air still...) One things for sure though... there will be more of this:

THAT'S RIGHT!! I just started my summer sketchbook!! The best sketchbook I've ever made (of course) and It's the one thing I'm really gonna focus on this summer so expect more kool pages in the coming weeks from this little book of fun!

First one was one late night when working on my final illustrations and I was watching Interview with a Vampire and totally got inspired by my favorite scene when Lestat dies (the first time) and just had to put pen to paper...

The second one was last Sunday feeling the freedom of finishing my illustrations and having spent the whole day Job hunting I decided to do something I'v been meaning to do all semester and that is... DRAW IN THE GRAVEYARD!!! It was totally fun and San Jose has one of the biggest graveyards I've ever seen... I beauitiful day in the cemetary!!

ANYWAYS BEST OF LUCK TO ANYONE FINISHING UP ON FINALS!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Have fun guys, Summer's just around the bend!



  1. cool sketch Dan! I want to draw in the (nice) graveyard too!

  2. Ah thanks Joe! I got a lot more to update from this summers sketchbook but I gotta wait till my scanner gets fixed X_X;