Friday, January 21, 2011

A Whole New (DIGITAL) World!

So after realizing I really need to get way better at drawing on the computer with a tablet, I've set my focus on working on that this winter and as a result I must confess my new favorite drawing activity is going to different cafes and drawing the strange creatures that dwell there! Here's some favorites...

Cafe's drawn at include:
(San Jose)
Borders Cafe (Santana Row)
Cafe Triste
People's Cafe
The New Amsterdam Cafe
Berkeley Expresso
Sonoma Cafe

Any friends/local artist interested in joining me? Hit me up! Let's go!

as a special challenge for the last day of the figure drawing marathon (mentioned last post) I decided to try my hand at doing the figure drawings on a tablet! Results below:

Not the best figures ever, but for a first time every trying this I'm intrigued and gonna keep at it!

All drawings in this post were drawn in Photoshop with a tiny 4x6 highly outdated tablet ;)

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