Sunday, February 7, 2010

Perfect Lovers

Okay super lite post this week and for that I apologize....

This is probably the one drawing I did this week that I'm actually pleased with... it's a Face Collage!

Some random (dark) scribbles I did while brainstorming... James Gurney just did a thing on his blog asking what people doodle mindlessly... well here's what my doodles look like!

A quick random zombie portrait I did at work the other day...

and as promised here's the painting I did that hung in a gallery last weekend! It's 10x8 acrylic on illustration board titled "So love me gently with a chainsaw." I'm still not used to the idea that my art is hanging on someone elses' walls!!

And a better scan of it before I put it in the frame... though the colors seem off thanks to my crapy scanner

That's it for now, at least I got on the weekly post track finally!

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