Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Devil in your makes you hit a little harder...

Quick Sketches of my co-workers

Random doodles done waiting for food to arrive :)


One of my favorite guests... POLLY!

And my first dips into charactures... I think this is something I could really get into and I want to read up/practice more in the future!

Drawing some people at the Peet's on campus

So sorry again this post is both a little later, and a little shorter than I originally had planned but for a couple of reasons first of all this past week was my first week of school so I was dealing with all the added fun of figuring out how everything is going to work this semester and the other thing on top of that is this week pretty much all my free time went towards working on a painting! The San Jose Works gallery downtown is having a Anti-Valentines day gallery and I have a painting that will be appearing! I was going to post a picture but, why don't you go see it in person? The show opens this Friday night along with San Jose's other first fridays events! Go HERE for more info!
Okay I hope that I will have a little more to show next week but we'll see, keep sketching folks!

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