Monday, December 29, 2008

Lions? Tigers? Bears? Oh My...

Went to the Orange County Zoo today to get some animal sketching in because it's been quite some time! And oh boy... this is definately something I gotta work on! The Orange County Zoo is a very tiny zoo... I'd say it's smaller than the Happy Hallow up north in San Jose but it does have some much bigger animals so it was well worth the trip. Heres some pages from my sketchbook... sorry you'll have to deal with photos over the next few weeks till I'm back up North and can use my scanner :\ Over all I think I actually like one sketch per page... drawing animals is hard... but It's starting to suck less so I guess something is working... I'm going to the Santa Ana Zoo (another smaller local zoo) on Tuesday I think so I have some more practice coming! Here's how they look...




I'm still having a hard time with the animals... my biggest rat right now is trying to make them look and feel 3-Dimentional on the page... :\

There was a lot of empty cages which gave me the idea that if you were really good you could totally sit in front of one of these empty cages and start drawing like a wolve or fox or something and I'm sure you could gain quite a crowd who would be looking over your shoulder looking for the hidden animal... haha

First Post Woot! Welcome to my new blog, I aim to keep this regularly updated with my work but as school picks up we'll see how that goes exactly... I plan on posting some older stuff on here but that may have to wait as I'm without photoshop, a scanner and a good portion of my work (all of which is up north atm!) but I'll look trough my files to see if I have anything of worth to post in the coming days...

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