Monday, August 9, 2010

First batch from a new sketchbook!

...and hopefully this is the last big batch for a while as I attempt to post (for reals this time) more regularly and the goal is at least once a week! Also now that I got my PS working again we'll see some better quality around this joint! Enjoy!

An old victorian mansion up in Los Gatos

Stopped in a cute cafe in Los Gatos for some people drawing....

Cafe Triste (left) and some people at the midnight showing of Airbender (right) which I should have never attended...

(left) interesting guy having lunch at the Vegetarian House in San Jose and (right) quick sketch of a kool car that was parked out front of my work

KICKBALL Gestures!

Some Airport peoples...

Mothers Market Cafe, a Vegetarian Cafe in Laguna Woods

Berkeley Nouns (people + places)

In Berkeley I caught a staged reading of Shakespeare's Henry IV (part one!)

Oakland Museum of California...

SUPER QUICK sketch of a church in Berkeley (cause it got too cold to hold my pen!)

AND lastly (but not leastly?) some doodles/sketches from the one and only Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Berkeley!

Wow... looks like I've been all over the place lately... haha

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