Sunday, February 8, 2009

for some reason right now, of everything but you...

So... Heres some of my Art Hi-lights from this past week... had a sudden porftolio due for my figure drawing class on friday so I actually scanned in some of my figures and I decided to upload a couple older ones that I've posted photos before but thought you'd all love to see some scans... also PS is still not working for me we'll see what's gonna happen on that front >.>;








^this is my fav of the week, for sure


This weeks drapery (still not where I want it!) Gonna do another one tonight probablly we'll see how that goes...


Here's the latest of the head drawing studies... my teacher told me yesterday it looks too much like the model... haha

sketchbook page faces1

...and this is a sketchbook page from friday I rather like... just funny drawings of some people I know... messing around with different styles and it's looking good I had some break throughs this week on the basics of drawing which is really exciting for me... things are getting better all the time... back to work!

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  1. Dan your figures and gestures are awesome!! im so proud of you!! :oD